Nano Therapy System

Nano Therapy System

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Fine mist + Thermo therapy (Option)

  • Multi All-in-one System on which the concurrent use of the fine mist and low level laser (660mm) is possible.
  • As thermal energy delivered to thermal plane, helpful to skin cell regeneration and blood circulation.
  • skin aging, whitening and wrinkle management with the penetration into the skin by the fine mist.
  • Effective skin care by using the fine mist, low level laser and galvanic concurrently.


  • Easy to penetrate In to the skin with the optional galvanic current Intenslty and frequency setting
  • With the low level laser (660mm) helpful to skin soothing, skin regulation and blood Circulation
  • Helpful to skin care such as wrinkle improvement skin soothing , moisture control etc with the penetration into the dennls layer of the fine mist smaller than pores.
  • Simple design & easy to use
  • Massage effect and body line care with the thermal plate (Optional)



Theranova -430

Input power

AC 220V, 60Hz

Power consumption

150 W

Dimension (mm)

270 (W) x 530 (D) x 255 (H)


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